MILAN 25-29 APRIL 2015

Dear International Hernia Friend,


Here below some data coming from the 1st World Conference on Abdominal Wall Hernia Surgery
Participants 2.750 coming from 96 different countries

Scientific program

(including invited faculty members, authors of posters, videos and free papers) 1.040

Live surgery sessions 3 (with 17 operations)
Plenary sessions 6
Key note lectures 8
Parallel sessions 25
Industry sponsored sessions 9
Free paper sessions 24
Q&A video sessions 5
Poster area 324 posters

Sponsor companies 44, with 480 staff members on site Exhibition hall 4.000 sqm

I cannot believe that it is all finished now!
I would like to take this occasion to give the most sincere expression of my deep gratitude to all of you. If we have been able to realize this unique event it was thanks to the cooperation of everybody: the 5 International Societies, the Sponsors, the Organizing Secretariat and mainly thanks to all of you that honored this event with active participation and scientific involvement.
Basically, the wonderful “sense of human value” that came out from the 5 days is because of your presence. The spirit of this congress was first of all this: to join all the different cultures, habits and needs, scientific ideas and daily reality in one unique big hug.
I do hope that this “intimate relationship” that we started during the 1st World Conference on Abdominal Wall Hernia Surgery will be kept for all our future time.
Thank you once more. I hope to meet you soon.

Prof. Giampiero Campanelli

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